and we're off

Today we're packing and giving final instructions to our friend and dogsitter, the divine Essie Ash, and tonight we fly to London.

In London, we'll see R, who we know from our Brooklyn days, and who we haven't seen in nearly 15 years, and Mara (of Abortion Support Network fame), who I know from my time with the Haven Coalition. By coincidence (or not), we all met originally through pro-choice activism, and now R and Mara know each other through me. Life is strange and wonderful.

I'm totally psyched for this trip. Except for missing the pups. But I know they'll be fine. 

The real reason for this post is to start the new tag: spain trip.


MSEH said...

Have a wonderful trip!!

Amy said...

Can't wait to read all about it! Safe travels, and enjoy yourselves. The pups will be fine and just as happy to see you when you return as they are all the time. Silly creatures don't know how to inflict guilt!

Dharma Seeker said...

I am so happy for you both! The pups will be a-okay and you'll have new wonderful memories for a life time. Plus you're finally going to SPAIN!! xo

laura k said...

Thank you, D/S! And thanks for your text. :)

Amy, Tala is currently attempting to inflict guilt by not coming upstairs at night to sleep in the bedroom. She is waiting for us downstairs. But it won't work! I refuse to play her mind games. ;)

Amy said...

Tala always has been strong willed! She will be fine. Just being loyal!

laura k said...

Aw, that's sweet. A good way to think about it. :)