i'm back and i'm done

Another semester is behind me! I've now completed seven of eight terms, 14 of 16 courses. The expression "can't wait" doesn't begin to describe how eager I am to finish my degree next spring.

Quitting my oppressive law-firm job continues to pay dividends every single day. I'm enjoying my life again. I am actually breathing more deeply. As is so often the case with tension and anxiety, I didn't fully realize how much that job was affecting me until I left.

Going to school part-time and working one part-time job has been a breeze, especially now that I've got the school thing figured out. Losing that job has also improved my career chances. I've picked up more hours at the library, which can only help. And, finally, in my last year, I've been able to get involved in some extra-curricular activities at school. Going into public librarianship, you're expected to do more than the minimum courses, and we are flooded with opportunities to get involved. But of course, I had no time. Now I have the time, and I've found a niche I actually enjoy.

The whole time I've been in school, I've belonged to Children and Youth Advocacy (CYA), a student association for those with an interest in children and youth services - belonged, but was not at all active. In fact, I was never able to attend a single event. At the end of the last school year, the outgoing chairperson asked me if I'd like to step in as chair for 2012-13. In September, I re-booted the group with an offer: one or two students come forward to co-organize with me, and we can all call ourselves co-chairs on our resumes. Worked like a charm.

So now, along with two other students, I am the 2012-13 co-chair of CYA. This term, we organized a fundraiser and book drive to benefit the Children's Book Bank, a free bookstore for kids from low-income Toronto families. Through a raffle of donated items, we raised $400 and a big box of books. Next term's project will tie in with the Mississauga Library System, benefiting students and, I think, me.

But first, my precious winter break. One month of reading, blogging, socializing, catching up on chores, attending a few events, and... maybe more. Watch this space for potential exciting news.


James Redekop said...

To quote the guy in the picture: Woohoo!

johngoldfine said...

Happy for you heading round the clubhouse turn and into the home stretch, but what an unfortunate acronym for an advocacy group....

laura k said...

Really? I think it's cute. The founders purposely used "advocacy", although it's not really an advocacy group. It's more properly called something like Children and Youth Services Student Association, or somesuch.

johngoldfine said...

I guess reversing it to YCA sounds a little too 'Young Christian this-y or that-y.'

But don't mind me--I'm overly sensitized these days to coarse language or even its hint: a colleague busted me to the Niceness Police in HR for saying in a committee meeting that a certain situation was 'fucked up.'

laura k said...

a colleague busted me to the Niceness Police in HR for saying in a committee meeting that a certain situation was 'fucked up.'

A rhetorical question comes to mind. Don't people have anything better to do??? For crissakes!

The person who founded CYA, many moons ago, was one of the first people who I chatted with when networking with the Mississauga Library System, when I first started school. Until very recently, he was the head of youth (i.e. teen) services at the Central Library. He just left to work in a different system, and I am hoping that his spot stays vacant a long time, or that the person they hire doesn't like it and leaves in, say, March. :)