andy barrie, war resister, awarded order of canada

Congratulations to Andy Barrie, former CBC broadcaster, on being awarded the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian honour. This CBC story says that Barrie "left the U.S. and moved to Canada during the Vietnam War". But if you listen to this interview, you will hear how Barry "left" and "moved": he had volunteered for the war in Vietnam, then deserted, and fled to Canada.

Andy Barrie is a war resister, and was a deserter. (Do you hear that, Jason Kenney? Andy volunteered and deserted, and he was still allowed to stay.) Andy has been a longtime and active supporter of the War Resisters Support Campaign and of our current group of resisters to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Thank you, Andy Barrie, for being in Canada, and for choosing peace.


boyd reimer said...

Thanks for setting the record straight.

Hopefully all who read this will also help to spread the news and set the record straight in the New Year.

Then it will be a Happier New Year.

Happy New Year

laura k said...

Thanks, Boyd! :)

John F said...

I guess we have confirmation that the Order of Canada is not controlled by the PMO. Go war resisters!

laura k said...

Ha, good point! Also explains why, in the new citizenship guide, the Order of Canada gets very little mention and Canada's highest honour is a military honour, the Victoria Cross.