buy nothing day: support striking walmart workers near you

One more paper plus one fundraiser for the Children's Book Bank will equal one more term behind me.

Until then, I leave you with this excellent image of cultural imperialism, from The New Internationalist: another kind of D-Day.

Today, occupiers all over the US will be honouring Buy Nothing Day by supporting the courageous workers of OUR Walmart, who are demanding a living wage, full-time work for those who want it, and the ability to exercise their right to organize free of harassment and intimidation.

You can stop by an OUR Walmart event to support the striking workers: a list of actions is here. And if you are shopping today, please keep those low, low prices - and those even lower labour standards - off your list.

Seattle Walmart Strike


James Redekop said...

That whole "Black Friday is a harbinger of the holiday season economy" thing is just smoke:

Black Friday Is A Bunch Of Meaningless Hype, In One Chart

laura k said...

Thanks, James. Interesting.

It's not like the shoppers care about the economy. They're after so-called bargains. And it's the thing to do, part of the (US) Thanksgiving tradition, like eating turkey and watching football. The next day, you go shopping. The media makes a big fuss over the meaning of the sales figures - which that story refutes - but I doubt the average shopper cares one way or the other.