Revolutionary thought of the day:
That’s a very American value right there: if you screw up in your early 20s, you — and your children — are on your own for life. . . . Why does it seem like a reasonable policy suggestion to tell Jessica she needs a husband, and pie in the sky to say she needs a union? Or a national day care system like the one in France, where teachers are well-paid, with benefits?

Katha Pollitt, "The 'New York Times' Misses the Mark on Inequality, Marriage", in response to "Two Classes, Divided By 'I Do'".
Newsflash: a woman with a college degree and a solid marriage enjoys better life chances than a college dropout raising three kids alone! Therefore everyone should get married! Read Katha's column here.


impudent strumpet said...

People who talk about getting married as though it's something one can do unilaterally should be forced to marry the last person they dumped.

laura k said...

Great idea. Being poor is a moral failing, being single is your own fault. Just get married and be rich already, for crissakes!