pancakes, pups, palestine: mini-holiday in london, ontario

We've just returned from a visit with our friends David and Stephanie in London, Ontario. We had such a lovely, relaxing time - plus we were off from work the previous weekend for wmtc7 - that it really felt like a mini vacation. It was also Diego's first time going away with us! He did very well, although Negrita, whose home we invaded, may not agree.

This get-together was definitely long-awaited. Last summer we cancelled because of Tala's injury (she could barely walk at the time), and the summer before our schedules refused to mesh.

David and Stephanie live in a beautiful old house full of books, art, and radical politics. Stephanie went to great lengths to make our visit special, especially in the kitchen. We easily could have been in a bed-and-breakfast or a country inn. I'm pretty sure we took a few breaks from eating and drinking to take walks with the dogs.

The gathering was also an opportunity for activism and education. David has a presentation about his experience with the Canadian Boat to Gaza, and I hadn't been able to attend his appearance in Toronto. So on Wednesday night, David and Stephanie invited some of their neighbours, set up a projector in the backyard, and passed around a few beers, and David gave his talk and answered questions.

I want to share as much of the talk as possible, and tell wmtc readers about an exciting new initiative in the movement to free Palestine. More soon.


Stephanie said...

Glad to have had you here for a visit finally and I am always happy to prepare a meal for guests.

Unfortunately, Negrita has become a little crusty and a little wobbly in her old age. I am worried about this second onset of Vestibular disease. The very pronounced imbalance (such that she just drops into a deep ravine) is persisting much longer than it did the first time and it is not at all clear that it won't be permanent. Some of her anxieties appear to have decreased while others are showing more obviously (snarling at Diego), but I am reasonably sure she was happy to have her humans and their visitors around her. She is happiest around her humans of course. On the other hand, It has become painfully clear to me that she has very little tolerance for the heat. Her panting is much reduced (thankfully) when she is indoors especially with the air conditioning. I will have to exercise her in the very early morning or in the evening. She spent the morning very calm and not panting at all but as soon as she spends time outside she becomes overheated almost immediately and she wants to go back int the house even if I remain out.

Today, she is happily snoozing (not panting) on the rug beside me at my desk. :D

allan said...

All three dogs also went splashing in a nearby river. Diego seemed to have the most fun, crashing into the water with his usual subtlety.

laura k said...

From an outside perspective, Negrita seems old and a bit wobbly, but happy. I don't blame her for snarling at Diego. This big, loud, pushy galoot barges into her home, sucking up human attention. Who can blame her.

Regarding the heat, Negrita and I are on the same page!

laura k said...

Diego seemed to have the most fun ... with his usual subtlety.

This sums up his whole personality.

Stephanie said...

I am really glad Diego enjoyed his first outing away from home. We really enjoyed having both Tala and Diego here and sharing our yard, park(s) and paths with them.

laura k said...

Stephanie, btw, Allan got the car fixed on Friday morning. It's behaving now. Whew.