memo to rcmp and csis: it's not the environmentalists who are radical. it's the harper government.

CBC reports that a heavily censored, declassified report obtained by the Canadian Press shows that the RCMP (with input from CSIS and the CBSA) have issued warnings about the supposedly growing threat of radical environmentalism in Canada.

Isn't that convenient. With the Harper Government branding everyone who opposes their anti-environment, anti-human, profit-over-all agenda as dangerous radicals, we can now hear it direct from the spying-enforcement agencies themselves. Supposedly Greenpeace and other environmental groups are dangerous and might become violent.

As Yossi Cadan, campaigns director for Greenpeace Canada, is quoted as saying:
There is a difference between breaking the law and criminal activities. . . . It's true that the distance between the government policy and the environmental movement is growing, but I don't think that the movement is getting more radical.
The Harper GovernmentTM, on the other hand, is trying to radically remake Canada in its own image: a country whose laws derive from ignorance, bigotry, and emotion rather than science, fact, and rationality. A country that gleefully destroys our environment so that a few may profit. A militarized country, where peace and safe refuge are scorned as naive and wasteful, and the only social programs worth funding involve guns, bombs, or prisons.

People who oppose this government's dangerous policies are not radical. We are ordinary Canadians. It's the government that's radical.


The Mound of Sound said...

I don't see how they can shove the Northern Gateway down BC'ers throats without some violence in response. A First Nations fellow told me the pipeline would probably be attacked. And a lot of us not affiliated with any particular environmental group will probably take part in some sort of civil disobedience. It's either that or roll over and play dead. Besides, it appeals to Harper's punitive nature.

laura k said...

MoS, it's beautiful to hear this. I am afraid too many Cdns are rolling over and I'm heartened every time I see that some are not.

the salamander said...

One would assume Old Joe Oliver is A-OK, in fact thrilled with a leaky length of dilbit pipeline running across/under his front lawn or through his back yard.. and surely all his neighbors, campaign volunteers and loyal voters won't mind it either, plus an accompanying diluent pipeline.

Just to make sure they don't miss out on all the excitement, stimulus, economic prosperity & permanent jobs created, perhaps he and his riding could have a dozen hydraulic fracturing drill rigs in Tim Hortons parking lots running about 6000 feet down and under local public schools, his imminent retirement home or Sunnybrook Hospital. They could suck up the millions of gallons of fresh water needed from Cherry Beach and either truck it up Yonge Street or run a water pipeline past the Ontario Legislature buildings.. and Sick Kids hospital.. and thru a few ravines.. a cemetery or two.. Maybe Joe can pipe in tailing pond water from Alberta ! Tho its perhaps better used as drinking water for Albertans or First Nation folk he says.

The incessant heavy diesel truck rigs. loaded with frac sand, mysterious solvents/chemicals, compressors, and pipe can pick up commuters as they roll along Eglinton or Lawrence Avenue ! Joe should be fine with injecting the recovered slippery water into the Toronto water system, drinking fountains, or sewer system or even sprinkling it on Leaside lawns, parklands, schoolyards and baseball diamonds.. It will all make its way into the Don River and Lake Ontario to help lubricate and enhance fish habitat.. Peter Kent sez its all good for the environment too !

Oopsy .. I almost forgot, if there is anything useful to pump from the frac wellheads, more pipeline has to be installed plus pumping stations are needed to move it eastwards past the Pickering nuclear plant and off towards Ottawalberta, and then to China.. !! That might require negotiation with adjacent but loyal Conservative ridings.. and Stephen Harper can enforce that.. Good luck with any adjacent NDP ridings Joe.. tho I'm sure you could just legislate them into submission or invoke eminent domain or call up the Ontario Provincial Police or even the RCMP .. or the Canadian Forces ! Aint no First Nations tribes or treaties to trash or extinguish in the big T.O. so no worries there!

I don't think a Chinese VLCC tanker can even come close to squeezing through the St Lawrence Seaway system to help haul away the juicy natural resources lurking under Joe's Leaside & Lawrence Park riding.. which is of course, the original home n stomping grounds of Stephen Harper ! But hell, both Joe * Stevie would be struck dumb with pride to see one of them mammoth tankers docked by the Harbourfront condos near the CN Tower and the home dome of the Blue Jays ! Whether you could actually float or turn one of those tankers in Toronto Harbor, even with six ocean tugs is questionable, but a tanker like that is big enough to just run over the Toronto Islands and then head east towards Montreal or south to Buffalo.