relax, canadians. voter suppression is "as old as the hills". says a cpc lawyer.

In a recent post, I summarized the Conservatives' arguments in Federal Court, as they attempted to have the case against their illegal election practices dismissed before any evidence had been heard.

I was just paraphrasing, of course. But now I have a real quote, thanks to an email sent today by the Council of Canadians.
"Voter suppression is as old as the hills".
-- Arthur Hamilton, CPC lawyer
Hey, fraudulent elections, voter intimidation, and dictatorships are the norm all over the world. Why should Canada be any different?


James Redekop said...

It was certainly popular in Roman times. Of course, that's part of why the Republic became the Empire... That an infiltration by the Sith. :)

laura k said...

Definitely a rich history. Not recommended for a democracy.