happy (belated) birthday to me

A friend noted a certain absence on wmtc and wondered if perhaps I'm not thrilled about turning 51. I do usually announce my birthday here! I didn't this year because (a) it seemed inappropriate to put up a celebratory post on the very day the Harper Government codified its Ruin Canada agenda, and (b) so many people were wishing me HBD on Facebook that it felt gluttonous to announce it here, too.

However, I did celebrate, relax, and thoroughly enjoy my day. As always, I'm glad to be alive on this planet for another year. I'm happy to be here. Keith fans can fill in the rest.


impudent strumpet said...

Happy birthday!

51 is a cool age because it looks like it should be a prime number, but it actually isn't. AND, it's divisible by 17, which so few numbers are.

laura k said...

Thank you!

That's kind of cool to hear re 51. NCF and I (a few months apart in age) were just lamenting that turning 50 was way more fun than turning 51. 50 was, Wow, I'm 50, the big five-oh, let's all celebrate! But 51 is nothing. It's just "I'm in my 50s".

I'll share this numerical fact with NCF, too.

M@ said...

Any number expressible as the product of two primes is a good number!

Happy three seventeens!

laura k said...

Thanks, M@!