blogger! grrrr....! help!

What, you thought I wanted a blog header the colour of dog puke? No, I did not. The colours of my blog template have changed. On their own. And they won't change back.

Blogger accepted a few changes, so at least I have my lower-case back on the sidebar! But the colours are all off, and no matter what I do, they don't budge.

The header, post titles, post footers, and tags should all be black.


Update. It appears that whatever changes I make are showing up when you click on the tabs, but not on the home page. I repeat: grrrr.


johngoldfine said...

LOL--that's the most pathetic subhed I've ever seen, and damn near impossible to read too: blood red on puke brown.


My online students use blogger, and there have been a lot of format/template/layout problems this semester.

laura k said...

It's weird - when you click on the tabs, it looks fine. And when the main page first loads, it also looks fine - then quickly changes to the puke look.

And stranger still, no colour code for the puke is in the template.

laura k said...

And apparently now there is something called Hmm. Strange.

Mike Bradley said... would be part of Blogger's new censorship-compliance program. When you try to visit, the server checks your IP address, figures out what country you're in, and re-directs you to the domain associated with your country. If a Canadian take-down order or complaint is received, the version will be censored, and anyone with a Canadian IP address won't see the offending post.

laura k said...

Mike Bradley, is that based on actual knowledge or your own speculation?

.CA addresses have to be registered with CIRA (I know, as I have one) and are not based on IP addresses.

laura k said...

Also, what type of Canadian censorship are you thinking of? Content-based, such as Human Rights Act offenses, or copyright infringements, or... ??

laura k said...

[Mike Bradley, on Blogger since March 2012, profile views... one.]

laura k said...

I found this, about Google's supposed censorship compliance program. I'm unclear how that relates to Canada, but here it is: link.