mcdonald's is not healthy for pit bulls and other living things

In case you missed it, the marketing geniuses at McDonald's thought it was cute to promote their latest concoction of fat, salt, sugar, and unpronounceable ingredients as being healthier than petting a dog. But not just any dog.
Trying a brand new menu item at McDonald's isn't risky. You know what's risky? Petting a stray pit bull.

Hear for yourself.

Pit bull lovers - especially those with rescued strays - were not amused. According to Eater.com, a petition was mounted, and McDonald's quickly pulled the ad and issued an apology.

Here are a few of the many creative responses from pit bull lovers, featuring many beautiful, happy dogs.

Perhaps McDonald's will eventually offend everyone in the world. There will be a global boycott, and the purveyor of unhealthy food, environmental destruction, cultural homogenization, and crappy jobs will disappear.


sassy said...

On MacDonalds and dogs - I few years ago, while on a long drive, and having forgotten to bring dog food, I went into a MacDonalds and purchased a small burger thinking that the *meat* paddy would be OK for my dog's meal. (plain burger, no condiments at all, and threw out the bun)

My dog would not touch it and this was a dog who, like most dogs, loved anything meat.

That told me everything I needed to know about MacDonalds and why I have NEVER cared for thier food.

laura k said...

My dog would not touch it and this was a dog who, like most dogs, loved anything meat.

Wow. That is scary! Thanks for sharing.

johngoldfine said...

Tapping and exacerbating public hysteria to make a buck...McDonald's.

allan said...

sassy: That reminds me of the scene in Supersize Me where the hamburger buns do not grow mold despite being left in a jar for *10* weeks.

laura k said...

The bully boy whose face appears in the embed of the 2nd video... I could stare at that face all day.

Sassy's comment also reminded me of Supersize Me.