wmtc now has threaded comments

Blogger now supports threading commenting, which (mostly) alleviates the need to quote the person you're responding to or use @soandso. It also helps distinguish between comments responding to other comments and those responding to the post itself.

I've also upgraded to the new Blogger interface, which is similar to the new Gmail interface. It's taking some getting used to, but there are lots of nice features.

So let's try threaded comments! What should we talk about?


laura k said...

Here's a comment about the post.

laura k said...

And here's a comment replying to a comment.

James said...

And here's a fresh comment.

I had a bout of insomnia last night. This is what my brain did to fill the time:

The old man of a hundred and one
Owed it all to his days in the sun.
"Just lie out on the beach,
And drink plenty of bleach,
And bake on both sides until done."

His dear old wife, name of June
Was drawn to admire the Moon
"So big, and so round,
And $5.20 a pound,
You won't see more deals like that soon."

They had a young son they called Enos
Who pined after old Sandro's Venus
"So tall and so swell,
Standing on her half-shell,
I'm sure there'd be something between us."

The twins had a series of wars,
To see who owned all the stars,
Fear got the blue,
The orange and red too,
And Terror was stuck with just Mars.

Jupiter lords over all
A great mass of gas in a ball
With many a moon,
And a jovial tune,
All you could want, except small.

The inventor just needed a ring.
One of Saturn's might just be the thing.
"I have to be sure,
It's strong and it's pure,
And I can coil it right up like a spring."

laura k said...

Wow, you make great use of insomnia! Awesome limerick! The most I ever do with insomnia is write venting email that I should never send.

James said...

Hmm, looks like they've fixed the problem of forgetting to subscribe to the replies when yo post. Nice. :)

laura k said...

Really, how's that? The "subscribe by email" link?

James said...

It was very odd. I've never really composed limericks before, but these just started floating around my head, unbidden.

It may have had something to do with frustration at the poor rhymes and scansion of the "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!" Listener Limerick Challenge. Though why this week would be different from any other, I don't know.

On an unrelated note, concerning the new layout: the line height for the comments is too small. The tops of capital letters and ascenders on the lower-case ones are running into the bottom of the line above. It looks like it might have been changed to 90% of the proper value.

James said...

Yup. It worked even after I'd posted the comment.

M@ said...

How deep do the threads go? Anyone know?

laura k said...

A & I were just talking about that. I think it's only one indent, but I don't really know. Let's see where this comment goes.

laura k said...

Looks like only one indent - which is good for space, but not really threaded.

Also, why am I getting justified text?

James said...

The justified text should be configurable the same way the line height would be.

laura k said...

I don't see any way to configure text in comments. What am I missing?

James Redekop said...

You may have to use the "Add CSS" feature on the advanced template. I found that the current style sheet has

.comment-content { text-align: justify; }

which is giving you the justification. You want

.comment-content { text-align: left; }

or even

.comment-content { text-align: left; line-height: 100%; }

to take care of the line height problem. I think you could just put that line into the "Add CSS" form, but I'm not positive.

allan said...

The only problem is that in a long discussion, replies to a previous post can get lost in the line of comments. Going down to the end of the comments will not show you what is new.

laura k said...

That's true. Plus it only indents once. That looks better, but isn't really threaded.

This seems more useful for bloggers who want to reply to individual comments, rather than for actual conversations.

Maybe I will change it back. Not sure yet.

laura k said...

Hey, thanks for that. I used to mess with the CSS all the time, before Blogger upgraded their templates. I haven't looked at that in ages.

Which reminds me... for a current course, I'm supposed to be learning some basic principles of XML. I've never used it before.

laura k said...

Didn't work...

James Redekop said...

I haven't messed with the CSS on Blogger at all, so I'm not sure the best approach. There ought to be a way to adjust these things...

laura k said...

I tried again without the line-height code, just the text-align. Also didn't work! Bah.

laura k said...

See, right now I would be replying to James comment of 1:07, but you can't do another indent, replying to a reply.

I think I'm changing it back.