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Why it's wrong


James Redekop said...

Here is a nice, short explanation of the harm that something like SOPA/PIPA could have done to a successful, but not particularly famous, blogger.

laura k said...

Thank you, James. For my own reasons, I love The Daily Coyote - I love Charlie and I love the photos. It's great to see this SOPA post.

James Redekop said...

Some good SOPA/PIPA tweets just now:

@mmoyr: Senators: If you support bad copyright law, don't plaster your home pages with unattributed content: bit.ly/xpDYH3

@wilw: getyourcensoron.com

@VonnegutLibrary: ████ ██████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████ ██ ████ ██

laura k said...

ACLU on SOPA, also here

Avaaz petition on SOPA

James Redekop said...

Also, an open letter from several artists, authors, and other creators.

laura k said...

And it worked! Victories all over the place lately. It's enough to give one hope. :)