today: occupy everywhere

Today, if you can, join an Occupy site for however long you are able.

Today, if you cannot physically join an Occupy site, do something to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement: blog, Tweet*, Facebook, write a letter to a media outlet, put a sign in your window, put a sign in the rear window of your car, wear a button, make a donation.

Do something to show that you stand with the 99% and you stand for justice.

#occupymap for actions
#N17 is the tag of the day


Alison said...

In solidarity, sister.


John F said...

I wish I could join the Occupy Nova Scotia site in Halifax, but our enlightened city administration trashed it on Remembrance Day. This occurred after the group agreed to temporarily move from the Grand Parade so as not to disrupt the Holocaust Memorial and Remembrance Day ceremonies. The police showed up at their alternate site, gave them one hour to depart, then started tossing tents into city trucks. Fourteen Occupiers were arrested while non-violently resisting.

Will this affect my vote in next year's municipal election? Oh, yes indeed. Vote out Mayor Kelly!