nyc reflections part 3: a new blog about books by a new yorker

Every time I'm in New York, I see my dear friend NN. NN and I go back a long way, one of the most enduring friendships of my life. One of the many things we share is our mutual love of books - and bookstores, libraries, words, writers, and everything else associated with them. At dinner last week, NN surprised me by telling me she's been blogging! About books!

NN has been supporting herself as as writer since we graduated university together - no small accomplishment. But like many people who write for a living, NN's work leaves some part of her writerly self unfulfilled. This blog about books is some work in that direction.

Allow me to introduce: Stacked NYC: A blog about books, bookstores, and libraries.

So far I've learned that St. Mark's Bookshop is not closing, at least not yet. (Yay!) And now I'm going back to the beginning to get caught up.


juna said...

Thank you for the nice introduction to the wmtc community!

johngoldfine said...

I added a shortcut on my desktop so that when, like now, I'm bored with my own students' thoughts and writing, I can hie off to NN and her thoughts and writing. Thanks for the tip.

allan said...

Trivia: L was with NN the night we met (approximately 53 years ago).

johngoldfine said...

I meant: "...so that I can hie off to NN's not-boring thoughts and writing..."

But you knew that!

Amy said...

Thanks for this link. Right up my alley--now if I only had time to keep up with this (as well as wmtc). I already enjoyed reading about the Supreme Court library and building. Good luck to NN!

And Allan, 53 years ago? :)

laura k said...

And Allan, 53 years ago? :)

Yes, three years before I was born, and five years before Allan was born.

It was news to me, too.