saturday october 15: occupy together!

A few views of the mass arrests in New York City this weekend. Even the official versions are great.

In the US, the Occupy Wall Street movement - now Occupy Together - has sprouted in more than 100 locations. A list of current or planned occupations can be found in the sidebar on this site.

The movement will be visible in Canada October 15: Occupy Toronto Market Exchange, Occupy Montreal, Occupy Vancouver, Occupy Calgary.

Saturday, October 15 is slated as a global day of protest against austerity budgets that force working people to pay for capitalism's crisis, and an untenable, worsening global income disparity.


oceanus said...

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Stephanie said...

In the first video watch at 1:30 for a young man with blond curly hair in a green sweater. He is a friend, student, and activist here in London. They were a group of 6 and were all detained with the 700 others.

These kids continuously give me such hope.

Happily they were all released some 8-12 hours later.

laura k said...

You actually saw a friend in the vid? Wow, what are the odds.

I heard from David over the weekend that some student friends of yours went to NYC to participate and were arrested.

Glad they were all released, I assume unharmed (?).

Stephanie said...

You actually saw a friend in the vid? Wow, what are the odds.

I know it seems rather astounding but there he is. His image jumped out at me from the earliest vids available and I continue to find him at the front of the march in almost every vid I have seen since.

To our great relief all were released unharmed.