thinking about new york

New York City through the lens of Elliot Erwitt (and a few others)

You... can dress in pink and blue just like a child
In a yellow taxi turn to me and smile
We'll be there in just a while...


Amy said...

Wow, that still gives me the chills. Most beautiful opening to a movie that I can recall. Of course, it helps that I love NYC and still feel so connected to it in such a primal, visceral way despite living in New England my entire adult life.

Makes me want to watch the whole movie again. And also to go to NY!

Thanks for posting.

Jere said...

Nothin' like New York in the winter, spring, summer, fall, or mind.

laura k said...

So glad you liked it. :)

Indeed, Jere, those are the best seasons to be in New York. In the mind is much better than in the summer.