breaking news: troy davis clemency denied - execution set for tomorrow - please help one more time

Unless there is a last-minute stay, the US state of Georgia will murder a man tomorrow, even though there is significant doubt that he has committed any crime. That's what passes for justice in TGNOTFOTE.

Clemency for Troy Davis has been denied.

Please join with hundreds of thousands of other people who rage and despair at this injustice. Click here to appeal to justice and reason in an attempt to save the life of Troy Davis. From Amnesty International USA:
Georgia's State Board of Pardons and Paroles has recently rejected Troy Davis' clemency petition. Davis continues to face execution on Wed., Sept. 21 at 7 pm EDT.

We demand that the Board reconsider its decision and demand that Chatham County (Savannah) District Attorney Larry Chisolm seek a withdrawal of the death warrant and support clemency himself.

Troy Davis was convicted on the basis of witness testimony – seven of the nine original witnesses have since recanted or changed their testimony. He has survived three previous execution dates, because people like you kept the justice system in check! Let Georgia authorities know you oppose the death penalty for Troy Davis!

NOTE: Due to high volume of supporters, please keep trying to sign this petition if your initial attempt does not succeed. Or try contacting the Chatham County's District Attorney's office by phone/fax: Telephone: 912-652-7308 Fax: 912-652-7328.
Petition here.


Stephanie said...

I have just learned from Socialist Worker on FB that
"Judge Penny Freesemann can withdraw Troy Davis' death warrant. Call now! 912-652-7252".

Some Person said...

Here's a comment I submitted to the New York Times' story:

Why must my state be such a pariah in terms of human rights? We're just reconfirming what the the rest of the country, let alone the world thinks about us - that we're a gaggle of unreconstructed hateful racists holding on to a barbaric and dated penalty inspired by a perverted sense of Old Testament justice.

Fellow Georgians, why can't we join the modern world already? We went back to using Confederate imagery in the state flag in 2003. I have to give up flying the flag from my house because of that, but that's over and done with. You won, I lost. Then you elected a gang of cut-to-the-bone plutocrats to decimate the lottery, public education, and even make the OTP HOV lane into some godforsaken pay-to-play drive through for Atlanta's well-to-do. Again, I give up, it's over and done. But in the name of the Good Lord, stop killing people who might not have done it! Can you at least let me (and Davis) have that much?

(FWIW, I'm not a theist in the strict sense, but appeals to the "Good Lord" have cultural currency here...even if I'm really referring to Lord Buddha. *snerk*)