planet tala

These are Orbees, very special dog toys made by the excellent Planet Dog.

We call Orbees "Planets". Tala loves her Planet more than anything on the planet - except squirrels. Now that Tala can't chase squirrels, she likes to have the Planet with her at all times. When Diego runs off to chase squirrels, Tala grabs her Planet, and runs in little circles in her pen, squishing the ball in her jaws over and over.

Diego loves to steal Tala's Planet. He works at it, tearing off the continents one at a time. We would say, "Diego is destroying the Planet!"

To keep the peace, we ordered Diego his own Planet, and got a second one for Tala, too. I don't know what it is about these Orbees, but our dogs are crazy for them.

Even when Tala is just relaxing in her pen, she likes to have her Planets nearby.

If we let Diego in the pen, he immediately grabs Tala's toy.

Eventually we have to ask Diego to leave. He goes back to his own world.

But he's still got his eye on hers.


John F said...

This reads like the synopsis of an Ed Wood film:

"TALA the Merciless SPACE DOG crushes entire PLANETS in her SLAVERING JAWS!!!


- The peaceful citizens of Orbee TREMBLE as the RAVAGER of WORLDS approaches!


- The awful SQUISHING noise is not for the faint of heart!


- As TALA'S arch-enemy DIEGO tears his way into her METALLIC PRISON!"

I believe I told you I was a nerd, right?

johngoldfine said...

Great pictures, very funny kicker caption for the last picture.

Amy said...

Love it! Cassie does not play with toys, but I may just have to check these out.

Great photos.

allan said...

Tala loves her Planet more than anything on the planet - except squirrels.

The car has to be #1. ... And it's a long way down to #2.

A lot of times Tala has her planet(s) tucked in between her front paws (like Diego has in the first pic). Previously, when she was out on the lawn and had to sprint back to terrorize a squirrel, the planet usually would be in easy reach. But when it was not, she would spring up, look around frantically for a ball, grab the nearest one, and THEN race to the back fence!

Also, Diego often lays down right alongside the pen.

laura k said...

Ha ha ha, I'm part of an Ed Wood movie! Terrific.

Thanks for the appreciation. :)

allan said...

And when Diego got his own planet, he was thrilled!

impudent strumpet said...

I love all the doggie drama! It's so interesting!

BTW, did they notice today's earthquake, and if so what did they do?

laura k said...

I find watching them interact endlessly entertaining.

Re earthquake, I wish I knew! I didn't feel anything, so I didn't check them out. I think I was inside cooking and they were in the backyard. I imagine they must have felt it, but I didn't see.

tim said...

Back when I was helping out my dad (2000-2001 era I believe) on jobsites, one of his customers was a rubber moulding factory in Stoney Creek that used to make these toys (along with a variety of other stuff)!

The factory closed down (thanks, globalization) and I'm not sure where they are being made now. But they are definitely super durable.

We may get winston one, as he loves playing with tennis balls but usually goes through them in an hour or so. I did just buy him another toy rubber ball, but he has yet to receive it.

laura k said...

Tim, what a coincidence! Planet Dog has some of the few dog toys that are still made in North America.

We may get winston one, as he loves playing with tennis balls but usually goes through them in an hour or so.

We learned that tennis balls are bad for dogs' teeth. Tala loves them, and we used to buy a bag full and have tennis balls all over the lawn.

Then our vet said she could tell from Tala's teeth that Tala spent a lot of time squishing tennis balls in her mouth! We also had to stop buying Nylabones, which Tala loved to chew on. They're not good for dogs who are susceptible to worn or chipped teeth - and that's Tala.

I felt bad, because Tala loved her tennis balls and nylabones! But we switched to Kongs and Orbees and she seems to like those, too.

We thought Kongs were indestructible... until we got Diego. Now we have to get the "super Kongs," (black instead of red).

Anyway, I know Winston has teeth issues, so it's something to think about. I'll send you this b/c you're probably not subscribed to comments.

David Cho said...

Diego looks so much like Noah in these photos.

laura k said...

David, he totally does! You would love Diego.