seals, dolphins, cats and other adorableness

Is there anything sweeter than inter-species love?

Check out the penguins in the background! The vid was filmed in South Georgia, which should be in Argentina but is actually part of the United Kingdom.

Many thanks to Stephanie for both of these.


laura k said...

I just saw this incredible cuteness at Imp Strump.

allan said...

As someone who loves when dogs put their paw on your foot*, the flipper on her leg at 1:13 is great!

(* Who doesn't love that, though?)

So will the seal be sad when she doesn't show up the next day?

David Cho said...

You are now posting cat videos? Both videos are incredibly cute. I wonder if it was the same dolphin who reached out to the cat or all of them.

Amy said...

Amazing! I cannot imagine what the cat was thinking! They are not usually very trusting around strange creatures, same species or not. It must be a very friendly cat or a very special dolphin!

And who'd have thought an elephant seal would be that much like a dog?

laura k said...

I also loved the flipper part!!

One of the most amazing things about that encounter is that the seal could squashed the woman like a fly. They are enormous animals, carnivorous, and have no reason to trust humans. Yet there it is - and I don't think we're anthropomorphizing - it's clearly sweet, gentle, affection.

David Cho said...

Where is this place where people are allowed to get so close to seals? I can picture some idiot doing stupid things to seals to antagonize them.

deang said...

Was anyone else on edge, afraid that the dolphin was going to chomp down on the cat and pull it into the water or that the seal was going to bite the woman? I am a pretty timid person, so maybe it's just me (I am even afraid of big dogs - sorry, Laura), but sometimes what humans think of as an affectionate gesture is interpreted as aggression by another animal. Plus, both dolphins and elephant seals are carnivorous/piscivorous. Otherwise, these were very sweet.

laura k said...

Some people in comments at the Vimeo site were worried. I was a little nervous that the cat might fall into the water.

One thing the woman on the beach did very well was waiting for the seal to make all the moves, so to speak. She never reached out or lifted her hand to touch him.

She was taking a huge chance, for sure. But I bet she's very very glad she did.

tornwordo said...

OMG that seal video made me smile incessantly. We really are all one.

richard said...

Check out this one - Dogs and Polar Bears playing together


allan said...

Dogs and Polar Bears playing together


1:11 & 1:41

Now that's a bear hug!

allan said...

Crow adopts kitten

5 goslings and a gorgeous black dog
Love the alert head-turning at 1:38

Chihuahua adopts (and is nursing!!!) baby squirrels

Puppy and duck in China

Lab nurses 9 kittens (or "pittens")

Golden Retriever Dog Adopted Three White Tiger Babies
YouTube commenter: "fucking dead beat tiger moms..."

laura k said...

Check out this one - Dogs and Polar Bears playing together

I finally had a chance to watch this. It's unbelievable! The dog's body language is completely relaxed, without fear. The polar bear could eat the dog for a little snack, but he's so playful and gentle. Amazing. Thank you!

Now on to the vids Allan posted...

laura k said...

Now I'm on total amazement/cute overload. Plus I want that black dog!