questions about new canadian mobile phone providers

Canadian readers, have you changed your cell phone service to one of the new providers? Did you do some research and decide not to switch?

Who are you using? Are you happy with them? Saving money, good service?

I'm still using Rogers. I get their little discount for using three services (internet, cable, cell phone). I know everyone complains about Rogers, but I've been satisfied with them. But of course I wouldn't mind paying less, if I can get a good phone and good coverage.

What have you found?


Kev said...

I switched to Mobilicity about six to seven months ago. Service is good and improving. I pay $35+ hst mnth. for unlimited talk, text, province wide long distance Call Waiting, Call Forwarding,3 Way Calling and voicemail. The one drawback is that when you are outside one of their coverage areas you pay an additional 20 cents a minute on a pay as you go basis, but since I seldom leave the GTA it's not a major issue.

I was originally paying $45mnth, but when I saw that they were charging new customers $10 less, I contacted them requesting the new rate. They not only honoured my request but credited my account for the extra amount that I had paid the previous month.

I am quite happy with Mobilicity and most definitely glad to be rid of Rogers.

Good luck


impudent strumpet said...

The big question mark is your usage patterns. For example, I find Fido's $10/month pay as you go service sufficient, and I think I might find their $3/week pay as you go data plan sufficient as well, although I haven't tried it yet. But most people I know need more minutes and texts than that plan provides, so my experience is irrelevant.

laura k said...

@Kev, thanks for the info. So is $35/mo less than you were paying with Rogers? Or it's the same but you get more (unlimited)?

@Imp Strump, my usage is also very low.

So the attraction with these new companies is the unlimited service?

One thing I like about Rogers, if I know I'm going to be using my phone more (usually because of travel), I can add on minutes for that month - add long-distance minutes, or US minutes, or whatever I anticipate needing. I can pay more for only that month.

Kev said...

Hi Laura, to answer your question my limited Rogers plan was about $25mth more, the real savings for me though is in long distance charges. all together I am saving approx. $50 mth on average.

May I suggest that you search out some on line forums, I found them to be invaluable in making my decision. The new carriers are not for everyone, depending on your circumstances it is sometimes better to stay with one of the more established carriers.

James said...

We have friends working at Wind, and they're naturally keen on the product -- but they do warn that Wind uses European cell frequencies, so single-band Wind phones don't work on other Canadian providers phones (and vice-versa), which can be limiting.

Lori has just started a new job at Rogers, so we'll probably be sticking with Fido for a while.

laura k said...

@Kev, that's a great deal for you, unlimited usage for so much less. I know I should look at forums, but I have so little patience for this kind of research. That's why I end up not doing anything about this, month after month.

@James, that's also good to know, thanks.

Since I don't need unlimited service, I could probably save money with Fido (which obviously is Rogers, but my goal isn't to get rid of Rogers), if I could still add on minutes sometimes.

More research needed...

Anonymous said...

I would personally go with WIND if I was living in the City. It is a thorn in the CRTC's backside and that makes me happy. Nothing better than making a bunch of previous Bell and Rogers Execs annoyed. However, keep in mind you must own your phone for WIND service. If you can go without cable you could save a lot by switching to one of the smaller internet companies and switching to WIND mobile. If you really like your shows, It is way cheaper an more aweesome to switch to Netflix , and it is only 8 bucks a month. That is my cable T.V. substitute.

laura k said...

CHL, thanks for the input.

No cable is not an option for us - we need TV for baseball. :)

And unfortunately Netflix downloads don't work for us either! Not enough movie selection of the kind of movies we like, plus nothing to watch it on except computers - no go. I have to stick with Zip.

But I will check out Wind! Thanks.

tornwordo said...

I switched to Virgin last year and pay $100 + tax per year. My minutes get deducted from the hundred dollar "bank" at $.30 a minute. At the end of the year I still had 40 dollars credit which, when you top up another $100 rolls over for the next year. Only downfall, doesn't work outside of Canada. But before, I was paying $43 a month with FIDO (Rogers). I am much happier with this setup.

laura k said...

WOW. That is the best deal I've ever heard of. It would more than compensate for losing whatever little discount I get for using several Rogers services.

I would only have to figure out what to do about trips outside of Canada. I do need a phone when I go to the US two or three times per year.

Thanks for your input, TW.