my first canadian get out the vote campaign

Get Out The Vote:

Canadians Advocating Political Participation; on Facebook (formerly known as Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament)

Catch 22 Conservatives


Fair Vote Canada

Coffee Party Canada

Voter Registration FAQ

Kathleen O'Hara at Rabble: Ten reasons to oppose the Harper candidate in your riding

Thomas Walkom: Yes, contempt of Parliament does matter

Lawrence Martin: On the road to the Harper Government's tipping point

Jeffrey Simpson: What if Stephen Harper's previous views were used against him?

"Defend Parliament": The Harper attack on democracy, the long version (and this list is more than a year old)

If you have any good links in a similar vein, please post them in comments.


Northern Girl said...

Congratulations to both you and Allan on your first chance to vote in a federal election.

laura k said...

Thank you, NG! :)

allan said...

It's May 2!

laura k said...

It is on!

And Ignatieff has officially ruled out a coalition, as we expected.

Six weeks to work our asses off for this riding.

allan said...

And that's all Harper is talking about, telling us to be afraid of a coalition that won't exist.

laura k said...

And how an election = instability.

As much as I dislike Rick Mercer (and I do), here's a good tweet of his from yesterday: "So is the message of the day is that Canada is a great democracy but elections threaten that?"