must-watch video: michael moore to wisconsin protesters: america is not broke

Michael Moore gives the progressive troops in Wisconsin a great boost.

"America is not broke, and neither is Wisconsin. . . . America is awash with wealth, it's just not in your hands." Don't miss this, it's very good.

I wish Moore had mentioned the trillions of dollars the US is spending on the largest military budget in history. But it's still great stuff, and worth watching the whole thing.

Story here on TPM.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting this one Laura! I am starting to believe that change can happen. :D

James said...

In a Fox News segment, Fox contributor Jon Hoenig disagreed that rich people should pay more in tax than poor people. Just the opposite, he says:

"Wealthy earners should pay even less, the poor should pay much more. Wealthy earners create tremendous more value. Moore has so much disdain for people who actually work for a living. For people who create value."

Because auto workers have such cushy jobs...

laura k said...

That's some crazy Orwellian shit right there.

As if the flat-taxers aren't bad enough! And somehow these guys manage to sell themselves as regular joes.

James said...

I'd love to see millionaires who gripe about how hard they work be forced to work in, say, a chicken processing plant for a month.

Last week a Dutch executive explained to the press that CEOs like him deserve millions because they put their health on the line, working as hard as they do.

Poor baby. Maybe you should go work for Massey Energy, say at their Upper Big Branch mine. Those guys get paid much less than you, so their jobs must be much less dangerous!

Snallygaster said...

What boggles my mind is how many 30/50/100k earners seem to think that their tax bill is what's keeping them out of the millionaires club.
And the millionaires feel the same way about the billionaires club.

laura k said...

Ha, good point.

What bothers me so much is the 30/50K folks so angry that someone has a better deal than they do. And this is unions' fault! When in reality, it's because of unions that they even have what they do. (Weekends, paid holidays, benefits, minimum wage, etc.)

And if unionized workers have it better than non-unionized workers, how about trying to get unionized? Or even suggesting it might be a good idea?

allan said...

What bothers me so much is the 30/50K folks so angry that someone has a better deal than they do.

Rather than say "We should ALL have these basic rights", so many people have been brainwashed into thinking "NO ONE should have these basic rights".

It's a goddamn race to the bottom. ... And we're just about at the finish line.