joe hill by phil ochs by billy bragg

Joe Hill - Phil Ochs - Billy Bragg. That's quite a trio right there.

Don't mourn, organize!


Kev said...

Cool!, thanks.

johngoldfine said...

I was a busboy at the Poland Springs House in Maine in the summer of 1963. One of the dishwashers was an old rummy no one paid any attention to, but one day when we were both in the can in the workers' dorm shaving, he asked out of nowhere: "Ever heard of the IWW?"

(Poland Spring House was about to have a wildcat strike of the dining room and kitchen workers....)

"Sure. The Wobblies."

He said, "Not Wobblies. We were the Industrial Workers of the World."

I wish I'd had a little more aplomb and asked him where he worked, what he did, what his union experiences were then and later. But...I finished shaving and went to work. He was gone a few days later, not unusual for rummy dishwashers.