in which we take a break from politics to squee over a dog

Please take a break from politics to enjoy a few moments of canine cuteness and joy. Because when a sweet dog interrupts your game, there's nothing else you can do.

Canadians may now return to thinking about how to defeat Stephen Harper.


Amy said...

So cute! I did not like the way the first guy was dragging that dog, but was glad to see that the others were kind to it. I couldn't hear the narration---did they say where the dog came from or who its owner was?

("Owner" always sounds wrong...do we really own our pets?"

laura k said...

Amy, I had the same reaction. The dog seemed to be enjoying the dragging anyway. :)

I also wondered how the dog got there and where its person is, but since it's wearing a collar and looked so happy and well, I figured it must be ok. Sure hope so.

(I always say "person" instead of owner. Tala's my dog, I'm her person.)

Northern Girl said...

A dog has joined in play.
But is he good at stealing the ball away from the opponents?
Nope, but he sure loves to have his belly rubbed.

What fun to watch, thanks for posting.

I think I read somewhere he is a police dog. He certainly looks well cared for.

impudent strumpet said...

Awww! I love how the commentators just keep on commentating the dog situation. And I love how Mr. Puppyface is wagging his tail a little when he's being carried off the pitch!

johngoldfine said...

I'd be nervous manhandling a strange dog, even a sweetheart like this.... I've got a dog who loves soccer balls and can dribble one longer and faster than any of the women on the field--she refuses to pass, however!

David Cho said...

When I saw the first guy try to drag the dog, the image of LBJ pick up his beagle by the ears. My goodness, doesn't he know the camera's rolling?