click to donate free food to animals rescued in japan

FreeKibble donates pet food to animal shelters all over the world. You answer trivia questions, and right or wrong, your click provides 10 pieces of kibble to a homeless animal.

Today, all the food donated through FreeKibble will go to animal rescue efforts in Japan.

Click now! It's free, and the more you click, the more food is donated.

(And don't forget to test your vocabulary and support the World Food Programme by clicking on FreeRice.)


allan said...

Dear FreeKibble:

I went to your site and clicked, but why not just donate as much pet food as you can and not make the amount donated contingent on a certain number of web clicks?

"Sorry, little orphaned puppy, we had planned on donating enough food to feed you, but not enough people clicked on our webpage, so you'll go hungry this week."

laura k said...

The reason it's dependent on clicks is because it is funded by advertisers, who pay per clickage (per 1000 clicks or 10,000 clicks, or whatever). FreeKibble itself does not have money to donate. The advertising keeps the site running (administrative costs), then everything else gets donated. That's how all the free click-for-donation sites work.

I hope I'm explaining it properly.