from egypt to wisconsin: solidarity pizzas

Have you seen this? I love it! From Slate, via Politico:
In an act of intercontinental solidarity, an Egyptian has ordered a pizza for Wisconsin protesters, reports Politico. The call from Africa is just one of many streaming into the Madison, Wisc., pizza parlor Ian's from all over the world. So far, people from 12 countries and 38 states have rung up looking to help get free pizza to the Wisconsin protesters clustered in the Capitol. On Saturday, Ian's distributed more than 1,000 free slices and sent 300 pizzas to the Capitol. The trend continued on Sunday, as staff member fielded calls from as far away as Turkey, Korea, Finland, China, and Australia. The trend began when a mother of a University of Wisconsin student called in offering to donate $200 to feed the people occupying the Capitol. The pizza chain's postings on Twitter and Facebook soon led to so many donations that they had to shut down on Saturday night.

Also: Libya! What atrocity. What courage. (War resisters there, too.) Fight on, Libya.


Kev said...

Great news re the Libyan military and diplomatic corps, sadly events aren't quite as promising in Bahrain


allan said...

Fuck the fries, gimme some Freedom Pizza!


WCAX, Burlington, VT:

Union members from around Vermont are rallying at the Statehouse today in support of their peers in Wisconsin.

Teachers and other unionized workers are demonstrating in opposition to a move by Wisconsin's governor to limit collective bargaining rights. The Vermonters are also voicing opposition to a proposal in Vermont to make it illegal for teachers to strike.


Go, Vermont!