this is just in: if you're gay, you cause birds to die

Please use your gayness for niceness, not evil!


M@ said...

However, flocks of birds dying from landing in the toxic sludge of oilsands tailing ponds? Not a big deal.

laura k said...

I don't know the proper name of the rhetorical device employed in that article, but here's how the illogic goes.

1. Birds are killed in the production of renewable energy.


2. Birds are also killed during the production of nonrenewable energy.


3. Birds being killed during the production of nonrenewable energy is not such a big deal.


1. We've established that bird deaths are not a problem.


2. Bird deaths are the only outcome of nonrenewable energy currently under discussion.


3. Nonrenewable energy is therefore not a problem.

Mike said...

... and the fish died because of all the people mixing two different fabrics which is after all an abomination as bad as teh gay, right?