happy anniversary to us

January 3, 1987: Allan and I spent the morning digging a U-Haul out of the snow, then drove all his worldly possessions from Vermont to Brooklyn.

January 3, 2011: the adventure continues.

We're celebrating later this week, going to Kaji, widely reported to be the best sushi in the Toronto area. It has no menu, only omakase, the sushi version of a tasting menu. We're very much looking forward to it.

I was tempted to write the story of that momentous U-Haul-and-blizzard day 24 ago today, but discovered I have already done so, on the first anniversary we spent in Canada.

Two years ago, I did a little wrap-up of anniversary celebrations past. Being broke, we seldom go out right now, so we're very excited about our upcoming sushifest.

Next year will be a milestone number: 25! I'm hoping to spend it in Quebec City.


allan said...

Hurray for us!

M@ said...

Happy anniversary! I'm extremely jealous of your visit to Kaji -- I read about the place when we first moved to Oakville and have wanted to go ever since. I shall want a full report.

Have a great time!

laura k said...

I heard of Kaji when we first moved to Mississauga! At that time, it was the unquestioned #1 on Chowhound.com for sushi in the GTA - and still is. There's now an unquestioned #2, a place in Scarborough. Seldom do you see that much agreement on those message boards, so these places must really be special. I will definitely report back. We're going on Thursday.

And thank you :)

laura k said...

You turned us on to the place we went for last year's anniversary, looking for someplace nice and special, but without spending a fortune: Paradiso. A great find!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful occasion! Congratulations to you and Allan. David and I have begun what I hope will become an annual tradition for this time of year. The great winter weekend getaway! I love your intention to visit Quebec this time next year. I think Quebec city could make a lovely getaway this time of year so I look forward to hearing your report in a years time. In the meantime here's to peace and your health and happiness.

laura k said...

Thanks Stephanie! Where are you going this year?

Stephanie said...

Haven't decided yet since we have other loose ends to deal with bwfore we can go but I prefer keeping it as close to home as possible for traveling in such an unpredictable season (weather that is).

I think we may stick to Port Stanley. At just 40 minutes away it is very easy to get to yet we feel completely disconnected.

laura k said...

That sounds lovely.

I find any change of scenery to be so refreshing.

Nitangae said...

Hi Allan and L-Girl:

Any advice about things to do in Boston? I will be there for the American Historical Association annual meeting this weekend

(This is just because Boston is sort of in between Vermont and Brooklyn, although not really).

laura k said...

Hi Nitangae,

I'm not the best for advice on Boston, I'm afraid. I've done the major touristy things - Boston Commons, Old North Church, Beacon Hill, Faneuil Hall, Cambridge, Harvard - but mostly only been there for baseball.

On our last trip to Boston, we did a nice walk. I don't know if the weather will permit that for you, but I described it here.

The public library is very nice - the oldest in North America, I believe.

Sorry I can't be more help! Pick up the Phoenix (weekly paper) while you're there to see what's doing.

Have a great trip!

laura k said...

* I meant the main branch on Copley Square. Very nice old church there, too.

History of BPL

Nitangae said...