wmtc is canadian weblog award top-five finalist

Well, this is a surprise. Wmtc is a top-five finalist in the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards, in two categories: Political and LGBTQ.

Schmutzie, who coordinates this effort, uses some kind of jury system, not an online vote. Details here.

It's nice to see blogs listed that aren't the usual suspects. However - with much respect to my friend Tornwordo, whose excellent blog Sticky Crows also made the top five - for my money, the best Canadian LGBTQ blog can only be Slap Upside The Head.

In any case, many thanks to Schmutzie and company for the honours.


M@ said...

Congrats on the shortlisting! And yes, Slap is clearly the best LGBTQ blog in Canada. Not to take anything away from the other shortlisters (including WMTC) but Slap is so entertaining and on-point, so consistently, that I can't imagine anyone else winning. His cartoons rock and all his posts are worth reading.

It's a little surprising going through these kinds of lists and seeing how many blogs I'm missing out on! I hope I have time to go through some of these categories and check out the nominees a little more closely.

Congrats on both shortlists though -- both are well-deserved.

Amy said...

Congratulations on the recognition!

L-girl said...

Thanks, M@!

Slap didn't make this jury's top five, which calls into the whole enterprise, if you ask me. But whatever, it's still fun.

Re all those blogs I've never heard of, I have the opposite reaction. I immediately feel overwhelmed. Run away, run away!

M@ said...

Wait, what!? It didn't make the list? I misread -- I thought, or assumed, it was on there.

Maybe they were just tired of Slap taking the prize home every year. I don't think that's such a bad thing, myself -- when quality is there, you just have to recognize it.

L-girl said...

Thanks, Amy!

(Moderation... didn't see your comment earlier.)

M@, yes, didn't make the short list. I also wondered if it was a "time to give someone else the prize" thing. But that's silly. The best should win, and if one dominates, so be it.

I think it's more than a little strange to see wmtc characterized as an LGBTQ blog. I'm flattered and pleased, but... huh?

M@ said...

I thought at first that you must have had some posts commenting on some kind of LGBTQ issue in the past year, but I couldn't think of what it might be... and then I thought of looking over the archives of the last year... and then I realized I was just happy to see a genuine supporter of human rights in general being recognized, however it came about. Maybe they meant to put you in the feminist blog category, but missed slightly somehow?

Anyhow, the main thing is, I am now aware of Sticky Crows and the AWESOME BEAGLE PHOTOS they have going there, so I don't really care about blog awards so much... Georgie Georgie Georgie...

L-girl said...

Yeah, those beagle photos are amazing. Tornwordo has been commenting here off and on for years.

I do post about LGBT issues regularly - often found in the "bigotry" label, but I try to remember to tag them "LGBT stuff" too. And I am "B" after all. But it's not an overwhelming theme on the blog (obviously).

I better stop talking this way, they'll kick me off the list. :)

Some Person said...

Rooting for you from down here in the Southland.

tornwordo said...

Congrats! Georgie will be famous yet!