in which the words "principled" and "ignatieff" appear in the same sentence: opposition to defeat c-49

Newsflash: Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada are about to do the right thing! They will oppose Bill C-49, the anti-refugee and anti-human-rights bill disguised as anti-human-smuggling bill.

This is a terrible piece of legislation that seeks to score political points by jailing the most vulnerable people, in defiance of all international and Canadian laws.

Here's an excellent editorial from the Toronto Star: "Playing politics with refugees"

Also at the Star: "Refugee bill: Ignatieff’s principled stand".

My previous posts on C-49: here and here.

I'm assuming Ignatieff has calculated that the Liberals will win more support for opposing this bill than supporting it. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful that he's finally found a working calculator.


deang said...

I always love your "In which ..." titles.

Mike said...


tim said...

Saying it is one thing - I won't be making any conclusions on these douche bags until I see what happens at the vote.

Perhaps a few liberals will just happen to be absent again?

Mike said...

True tim, Iggy and a few of his fellow Con/Libs can always be counted on not to be counted on when push comes to shove.