in which i successfully clear another hurdle

Another term down! That's three down, five to go - or six of 16 classes completed. I just submitted a totally rockin' final paper. I am tired but happy!

Winter break begins right now. Last year I had four weeks of break, but this year only three. On the other hand, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Day all fall on the weekend, so it will be a true vacation.

There's the possibility of some very well-paid overtime from my weekend job during my break. We really need the money, so if I'm offered it, I must say yes. But I dread the thought of spending any of my precious time-off working. I'm both hoping I get called and hoping I don't.


Stephanie said...

Woot Woot!! Have a fantabulous break and drink lots of cheer!

To the best of things in the new year!


M@ said...

Countdown to sound of cork popping begins... NOW!

Amy said...

Yay! Hope you have some fun way of celebrating!

deang said...

School is moving along, isn't it?! It seems like only a little while ago that you started the program. It's great that another semester is already over.

L-girl said...

School is moving along, isn't it?!

As my friend NN said, "It went so fast for me." :)

Sometimes it feels like it's going fast - other days like it's taking forever!

Yay! Hope you have some fun way of celebrating!

We just got home from our friend M@'s house, where we were drinking wine, laughing and eating delicious leftovers from their family Xmas gathering. (Which they may be eating for some time to come.)

Thanks all. :)