i hate christmas 2010

"The Profit," by Mr. Fish, used with his kind permission.

Friend of wmtc Joe Grav sent me the official Fuck Christmas rant, taunting me with the notion that my annual "i hate christmas" post cannot compete. He's right, of course, so I won't even try.*

Instead, enjoy this excellent video, finally available online for Canadians.

I'm actually expecting a brilliant December 25 and 26 this year, involving humour from The Larry Sanders Show, food from President's Choice, beverages from grapes, and company from my favourite person. Plus - an extreme rarity in our home - paid time off. And if that particular magic can only be conjured through an ahistorical mashup of ancient pagan rites and hollow Christianity and out-of-control capitalism, then so be it.

* Although I still need the mall for one thank-you gift. I reserve the right to rant if necessary.


Stephanie said...

I can't get the video to work even when I use pop-out and it goest to their site. Problem at their end I guess.

L-girl said...

When I saw your comment, I thought it might the Canadian copyright restriction again - which has prevented me from posting this for years. But I checked again and it's still working for me. Try again later, it's worth it.

There's a link here that might help.

Stephanie said...

Thanks, have to go out and shovel another 18 inches of snow (albeit very light and fluffy stuff) so I will save this for the hot chocolate afterwards.

James said...

I've probably posted this before, but here it is again just in case: an Eric Idle Christmas song.