dear mr mackay and mr cherry: war is not a game. it does not save lives.

Further to my open letter to the CBC News of yesterday, it only gets worse.

The Ottawa Citzen reports that it was a laff riot in Kandahar on Christmas, as Don Cherry and Minister of Defence Peter MacKay yucked it up, war-school style. Cherry was allowed to launch a live artillery shell, shouting, "Taliban, here I come," as MacKay quipped, "Don, this is a different type of 'He shoots, he scores'."

MacKay also treated the troops to this Orwellian nugget.
The greatest gift you can give is the gift of life, which is what you are doing here -- you're saving lives. . . . Make no mistake, things are improving because of the heavy load you bear.

It should be illegal to deceive people in this way. Some truth-in-advertising laws must apply.

And "Taliban, here I come?" I expect that kind of slap-happy war talk from my country of origin. Which says a lot about Don Cherry and the war-loving government he supports.

Thanks to Sister Sage's Musings for the link to my earlier post and for this fresh insanity.


allan said...

"Taliban, here I come?"

With any luck, he killed an entire family who were sitting down to dinner. (Thus "saving" them from being abducted, tortured, and raped.)

What a heavy load he bears.

allan said...

We saw the cover of The Sun today. Headline (using Cherry's nickname):

Grapes Goes To War

(of course he does)

laura k (aka L-girl) said...

from various tweets:

Sour Grapes's photo op/ejaculation cost us $150K and that's just the shell itself.

thwap said...

What a stupid clown.

What a monstrous fraud.

deang said...

Revolting, especially "you're saving lives." By slaughtering people, apparently. Reminds me of the people who say that Wikileaks' releasing more evidence that the US military has been murdering vast numbers of people in Iraq and Afghanistan somehow "endangers lives."

allan said...

. Reminds me of the people who say that Wikileaks' releasing more evidence that the US military has been murdering vast numbers of people in Iraq and Afghanistan somehow "endangers lives."

And even though the Pentagon has admitted that is completely and utterly untrue -- the leaks have put no one in danger, anywhere, at all -- the media keeps repeating the lie.

CK said...

you mean, "grapes" is actually his nick name? I thought I was telling off another spoof account on Twitter.

geek guy said...

mackay & are morons we know that!

M@ said...

I have personally fired a good several dozen artillery shells, and participated in the firing of many dozens more. I once estimated that the number of shells fired either by me personally, or under commands that I relayed (as the radio operator), was in the several hundreds.

Never, ever, in my entire artillery career, did anyone involved say anything like that.

What a lot of non-military people often don't see is that, as a soldier, the most important things on your mind are doing your job, doing your job well, and acting like a goddamn professional while you do it. You have a lot of responsibility as the guy pulling the lanyard that fires the gun, and if you don't take that very, very seriously, you're going to get someone -- our own troops, maybe, or quite possibly your own personal friends -- killed.

That's why when Peter "Airshow" MacKay struts around in military garb, real soldiers get pretty pissed off. And they're just as pissed off this time, too.

I feel no shame at serving with the Canadian armed forces. But I feel a great deal of shame when the institution in which I served, and the very job I once did myself, is reduced from that sense of responsibility and professionalism to celebrity photo-ops.

It's fucking disgusting, and my MP and the Minister of Defence will be hearing from me (yet again) on the subject.

laura k (aka L-girl) said...

Thanks, M@. I'm really glad to have your perspective here.

I know some former US soldiers who served in Afghanistan and met and worked with Canadian units there. They've said that the Canadians were so professional and careful and respectful, that it put the US "cowboys" to shame.

I'm sure many Canadian veterans are completely creeped out by this display.

Lorne said...

It's that kind of frat behaviour that really helps people to see how out of touch our politicians and clowns are.

Cherry and McKay's burlesque of military discipline is also an insult to the memories of all the soldiers who have given their lives in pursuit of goals that cannot be achieved, despite what they have been told by their political and military masters.