131 veterans and other peace protesters arrested at white house

A Veteran Being Arrested at the White House, December 16, 2010

Yesterday, 131 people, about 100 of whom were veterans, were arrested in front of the White House. Veterans for Peace staged the civil disobedience, protesting the war in Afghanistan on a day President Obama invoked 9/11 to justify the continued killing there. Daniel Ellsberg, Ann Wright, Ray McGovern and several members of Code Pink were among those arrested; there were solidarity rallies in New York and other cities.

I'm very heartened by this action. I hope it's the beginning of a trend. For more about these and other committed peace actions, see Stop These Wars. Read their Call To Action here. Read, join, support.


Anonymous said...

Got to love Daniel Ellsberg. Guy's 80 and still getting hauled off to jail.

L-girl said...

I know. Now that Howard Zinn is gone, Ellsberg is my living inspiration for my senior years.

I thought I recognized that pic. :)

Woman With An Issue said...

I am amazed that there was no news about this in the States. Not a word, not pro or con.

I cry for the lack of information we are settling for these days.

laura k (aka L-girl) said...

There was a complete news blackout on this in the US.

Dave Lindorff: Pay No Attention to Those Veterans Chained to the White House Fence

Damn that liberal media.