wmtc5 minus two and counting

This is the part where I worry that there'll be no food.

What a wild week it is here at Casa L-sock. I bit off a little more than we could comfortably chew. We painted the bathroom and the bedroom (looks amazing), did a ton of errands, chose photos to print, are hanging pictures... it's like we just moved in. It's not that any of these things had to be done for wmtc5, but the party is a great excuse to finally do things that have been on my long-term to-do list for years. It's a bit crazy, but we're getting it all done.

I'm not really worried about the food, by the way. It's more nagging doubt than waking nightmare. Potlucks involve a lot of trust. Since coming to Canada, I've met the best people, and they won't let me down.

Plus, if they want to eat, they have to bring food.

Plus, free beer!


Ferdzy said...

Are you kidding? The problem with pot lucks is what the heck do you do with all the LEFTOVERS?

MSEH said...

Sure which I could join you! Some day...! Have a blast, everyone!

L-girl said...

Ferdzy, too true! Thanks for the reminder.

MSEH, one year, for sure! Thanks :)

Lorna said...

I had a birthday party for a friend a month ago and for some reason convinced myself that the screened porch (that it's way to hot to hang out in) absolutely had to be painted that day. I come by it honestly though. Almost every time my parents have people over my Dad decides that morning that the furnace room absolutely must be organized. I'm sure your house looks great! One of these days I'll make it.

L-girl said...

Lorna, I had a great laugh over this.

It was a little crazy this week, but everything looks great and I'm glad we bothered.