wmtc5 minus five and counting

It's Prepare For Wmtc5 Week at chez Lgirl-redsock. I've purposely left everything for this week, and now we have to be super organized and super busy.

I also have lots of things to blog about, and can hopefully squeeze out some writing time.

Wmtc5 - celebrating five years in Canada, our new Canadian citizenship and Cody still being with us - is Saturday, August 21. If you're in the area, not a troll, and haven't got an invite, email me.

If anyone has dollhouse-sized Muskoka chairs and a dock, please bring them to our fake lake! I wanted to get some, but it became too complicated, and I had to jettison that from the list.


Mike said...

Hey where did you get 1.2 million?

L-girl said...

$12.99 at Canadian Tire!

Mike said...

Ah so the freespending lefty is more fiscally conservative than Harper's Conservatives, eh?

L-girl said...

We lefties have to work for a living. We know the value of a loonie.