meet matt green. he's just walkin'.

Allan told me about a man who is living out my oldest dream. His name is Matt Green, and he's walking across the United States.

Here's why, the short answer.
Many people ask me the following questions when they hear about my walk: Am I raising money for a cause? Am I trying to set a record? Am I running from the law? My answer: I’m just doing it for the hell of it. Or, more precisely, I’m doing it for its own sake, for the value inherent in the act itself. Hence the name of this website: I’m just walkin’.

And doesn't it figure, the long answer begins with a quote from John Steinbeck.

This makes me so envious, it hurts. Really. Deep-down. For me it is, quite literally, the road not traveled.

But I'm happy there are people who do this kind of thing.


johngoldfine said...

Here's another walkin' man--in Maine today, with his dog and his giant globe,


Also you might be interested in the BDN Extended TOS at the very bottom of the piece (right after we find out what the dog's menu is.)

I'm hugely impressed that the whole TOS thing is written in a quiet, modest, humorous way, instead of larded up with phony, pompous legalese.

Amy said...

When I was a kid, one of our neighbors (an adult) got up one morning and walked to Canada (from suburban NYC). I thought that was totally awesome! I used to fantasize about doing something like that, but, of course, never have.

Two of the sons of our close friends have biked across the US, one doing it all by himself, the other with one friend. I envied them also. Their father, who is now 63, still talks about doing it himself, with his wife traveling with him by van, just in case.

L-girl said...

John, thanks, I will take a look.

Amy, that is very cool. My #1 dream was walking across the US. When I met Allan, I told him about it. It morphed into doing it together, by van. Then into an RV. Then... it didn't happen.

I read all the time about seniors doing this, but they always seem to be well-off people who sell a home, buy a motorhome with the profit and do it that way. That will not be an option for us, financially.

So it remains something I yearn for and can't have, which isn't awful, we all want things we can't have, but in my case it's not a material thing.

johngoldfine said...

Hey amy--"phony pompous legalese" was a knock on the non-lawyers I deal with who think that all it takes to write unbreakable language is to toss in plenty of 'party of the first parts,' 'thereofs,' and 'forbidden on pain of legal actions.'

You wouldn't believe the nonsense syllables administrators spew out and imagine are watertight when they are involved in union negotiations!

johngoldfine said...

Long walks are my thing, but I would never dream of walking distances in the gnotefote. An old book called 'Walk of the Conscious Ants' lays out some of the pitfalls.

I'd worry about traffic. I'd worry about boredom on the long stretches where scenery change happens very slowly in the gnotefote. I'd worry about figuring out a good route off even those blue highways. I'd worry about having to 'explain' myself if I were away from an obvious hiking area.

For me, heaven is the walking and bridle trail system in the UK. One can walk from Land's End to John o' Groats, from coast to coase, one can wander lonely as a cloud, one can walk on thousands of miles of paths, tracks, byways, lanes, village streets, towpaths, etc. The 1:25000 Ordnance Survey Maps are superb, showing, literally, every field boundary.

And, best of all, no frippin RV to mess with. Just change your socks every so often and there you are!

L-girl said...

What originally dissuaded me was safety concerns, in terms of a woman walking by herself in the Land of the Gun.

However, I adore frippin RVs. :)

I remember that you are a long-distance walker. Very cool.

redsock said...

He's got a ton of neat photos, both of scenery and crazy shit along the way.

Day 83 detour!

Mike said...

Neat, I've been toying with the idea of just walking across the country in my head for a while... or WWOOFing as the case may be.