greetings from the oakland airport

We are hiding in a dark corner of the Oakland, California airport, tucked away from crowds and the unwelcome noise of CNN. Our flight - the redeye - is delayed a couple of hours, but it hardly matters, since we had a four-hour layover in JFK anyway.

Starting this morning in Yosemite, it's a two-day journey home: drive from Yosemite to Oakland, wait in airport, fly from Oakland to New York, wait in airport, fly from New York to Buffalo, drive from Buffalo, home. A long day, but we have lots of books and the internet to amuse us, plus each other. The only catch is I don't sleep on planes. Ever never. Flying home from Peru a few years ago, I double-dosed myself with sleeping pills, and was still wide awake the whole way home. Oh well.

I have a few blog posts waiting in a notebook and will slowly but surely get them up. I've got all the war resisters news and same-sex marriage news which you've all undoubtedly heard by now, but I'll put that up, too.

On the way to California I read Barbara Ehrenreich's Bright-Sided, and now I'm reading This Book Is Overdue!, about the awesomeness of librarians.

We miss Tala and Cody!

That is all.


M@ said...

I am terrible for sleeping on planes too. SuMei falls asleep before we even taxi to the runway. I admit I'm a little jealous of her...

Hope the trip back continues without incident!

L-girl said...

I share that jealousy as I watch Allan sound asleep.

I see both JoS and wmtc trolls are traveling with us. Ho hum.

redsock said...

I see both JoS and wmtc trolls are traveling with us. Ho hum.

My troll didn't even stick around my blog. He went over to the much-less visited alternate game thread blog and was typing away soon after new posts went up! Fucker could use a vacation himself.

Amy said...

Safe travels home. I can't generally sleep on planes, but xanax has changed that for me.

Can't wait to hear about Yosemite and the rest of the adventures.

Hopefully you can also bring some luck to the Red Sox when you return.

L-girl said...

Thank you! We are home. After waiting 6+ hours in the Oakland airport, we almost missed our flight! We were so well hidden, we never heard boarding announcements. Allan mosied over to look, and they were on final boarding call! Whew. :)

Alas, my meds have no effect on my sleeping on planes. In my case it's not from anxiety. I just can't sleep sitting up!

Now for a long, hot shower. And tonight, baseball! I can't wait.

Jere said...

My main troll--the one whose 200+ comments remain unpublished on my mod page--just disappeared a few months ago like the Baltimore Colts.