open letter to a reader who hates me

Dear deviantART guy who posts in Naruto Fan forum and other similar places:

Could you please contact me to tell me why you read this blog?

Since you claim to hate me and everything I believe in, yet you continue to read my blog, and continue to post links to it on a regular basis, you are in the perfect position to answer a question I puzzle over.

You have more than a passing knowledge of wmtc; you are a frequent visitor and are familiar with all its central themes. You post links to wmtc as non-sequitirs in random, unrelated threads. Yet you claim, "Every time I force myself to read her, I RAGE HARD."

Why do you force yourself?

Is "raging hard" - a recurrent theme of yours on your various forums and message boards - something you enjoy? An entertainment? I have enough rage at all the injustice in the world, so I don't seek out excuses to rage. But maybe your life is so placid and passionless that you need to find rage, just to know you're still alive. Is that it?

Is there, as Chrissie says, "a thin line between love and hate," and you actually adore me?

Or are you more like the virulent homophobes who are actually deeply closeted queers? Is that it - you're a closet socialist?

All I am asking is: why?

Of course I'd love to know who you are and how you know my blog, to confirm whether my suspicions are correct, or if your New England location, your right-wing politics and my partner's lefty Red Sox blog are unrelated and coincidental.

But I know someone who travels the net under so many different aliases, never using a real-life identity, will not have the courage to reveal himself.

So can you just answer this one question: if you hate me and everything I write about, why do you read this blog? Perhaps you will do that in return for all the entertaining rage I provide.

Your faithful correspondent,

Laura K a/k/a L-girl a/k/a "that chubby bitch from Mississauga"


johngoldfine said...

So, this is someone different than Mags, eh?

Thin line between love and hate:
Has your blogging ever turned up unbalanced people whose craziness manifested itself in absurd displays of affection instead of hatred? That happens in real life--embarrassing crushes from needy people you're not attracted to or interested in.

Has that happened in your online life, sort of the inverse of mags and deviantart guy?

laura k said...

Definitely not Mags, and I'm glad you asked!

Has that happened in your online life, sort of the inverse of mags and deviantart guy?

Yes, that has happened to me online, but not from this blog. From wmtc, all the unbalance seems to be negative!

When I was much younger, I attracted needy people like flies to... honey. Let's say honey. But I started learning how to discourage that, how to end it early on. Now I'm a pro.

I'd better stop now, before I drown your question in psychobabble.

Some Person said...


It's got to be "Some Guy Who Hates SA". Here's an excerpt if you don't want to click on the link:

"Why the hell am I answering these questions? God dammit, every word you type makes me cringe in disgust. I can't even explain in human terms how sick and angry I was after I read through all 185 articles in your archives last night. Then, after I downloaded your entire site to my harddrive so I could make backup copies of it and read it on my laptop, my stomach was just boiling with rage. You guys are the biggest idiots I've ever seen and your site sucks so much that I think I'll continue to read it and comment on exactly how much it sucks, you fucking sucking suck suckers."