civilian review of g20 policing established; horror stories continue to emerge

In case you haven't seen this: Thorold, Ontario Amputee Has His Artificial Leg Ripped Off By Police And Is Slammed In Makeshift Cell During G20 Summit.

I'm encouraged that there will be an independent civilian review, if only because that means the story will not die down as quickly. We can be sure this about-face never would have happened without pressure from us, the People. However, it's not the full public inquiry we need. So let's keep it up.


M. said...

great news, to be sure. so long as someone reasonable is appointed to lead it, and so long as the terms of reference aren't drawn so narrowly as to only address behaviours by TPS - in many cases 4 or 5 forces were working together and it will be nearly impossible to tease out which officers were TPS, this shows promise.

on the other hand, this is no public inquiry, and no need to stop putting pressure on officials to call one!

have appreciated your coverage on the g20. i work for the CCLA, and this has been a great antidote to the vast amounts of public apathy and hostility to those who were arrested, detained, searched, profiled, stopped, kept from their homes, pulled off streetcars, separated from their medication/prosthetics/necessary supports.

L-girl said...

My coverage? If this is real and not a copy/paste to every progressive blogger in the world, thank you very much. Are you the same M. who posts at Imp Strump? I've been very moved by her G20-related posts.

And thanks for all you do with the CCLA. Important work.

Kim_in_TO said...

I am not at all encouraged. The "independent" civilian review sounds like a sham. Did I hear that Bill Blair gets to appoint the person to head it? I hope not.

I've seen the SIU ignore the evidence and clear police officers too many times. I'm just afraid that this is what will happen, and then the police and government will be able to say that the situation was investigated.

I agree - we must keep up the pressure for a public inquiry.

L-girl said...

Did I hear that Bill Blair gets to appoint the person to head it?

I haven't seen that anywhere. Obviously that would be unacceptable.

It is a step forward from internal review, but not the end of the matter.

DavidHeap said...

We need to keep pressing for an independent public inquiry at the highest level, i.e. of the whole ISU and all the police forces (and others, including private security i.e. mercenaries) involved. I agree with Kim -- the TPSB review smells like a cover-up designed to draw down some of the public outrage without addressing most of the substantive issues.

We have to keep building the outrage folks: we are showing our video outdoors again this evening at the London police station, along with the video of Amy Miller talking about police sexual violence.

L-girl said...

I think when I posted this last night (in the middle of watching a baseball game and various other things), I didn't really get the full implications. I will add a sentence or two to clarify, before I get a whole bunch of comments along these lines. :)

M. said...

no no, not a copy-paste. and yes, i post at impstrump sometimes too. her perspective on things are always really interesting.

L-girl said...

M., thanks so much. Sorry to accuse you of the old copy/paste scam, I was just so surprised.

L-girl said...

Mainstream news gets the amputee story.

Mike said...

To quote Mr. Pruyn:
"To me, the police had a duty to look after the people, not only protect the businesses in the area but protect the marchers and the protesters," he said. "And I think they let a lot of people down."

They didn't even bother to protect businesses in the area either, that's some effective policing there.