iceland makes it nine

Today Iceland became the ninth country to fully legalize equal marriage. Iceland is the only country with an openly gay head of state, and the bill was not controversial: it passed unanimously. Nice!

Story here.

These countries now recognize same-sex marriage as fully equal with opposite-sex marriage:
South Africa

There's a long list of countries with "in some jurisdictions," and various second-class names for not-marriage, but the list with full equality, so far, goes to nine. Equal rights are equal rights. Either we have them or we do not.


johngoldfine said...

Spain and Portugal are the surprises--you'd imagine the whole Iberian peninsula would have been excommunicated.

It's funny thinking about Iceland--maybe because I hang around with Icelandic horse people exclusively I'm not getting a good sampling, but every Iceland guy I've ever met is either the Gary Cooper, strong silent type--or else a wild man of a macho Viking. One might have imagined either type quite opposed to gay marriage.

So much for stereotypes and small samples.

Icelandic women, OTOH (except for the poor Icelandair flight attendants who still are forced to dress up like 50's stewardesses) give the impression of no-nonsense, competence, complete focus on the immediate task. No time to waste on worrying about whether Heather has two mommies.

Also noteworthy is that Iceland still has a state church (Lutheran) and no separation of church and state. So, the bishops must have signed off on the deal.

L-girl said...

From what I gather, the majority of Spanish citizens do not want their country to be under Church rule, but want a modern, socialized country, where religion is left to the religious.

Thanks for the view of Icelanders. I think those Vikings know a thing or two about a man's only world. Of course that's different than condoning marriage and families. I guess tolerance trumps machismo there.

That is interesting re church. I think I saw that in a few of the news stories on this, I will go double-check.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if god smites Iceland in retaliation. I'm not holding my breath.