buffalo veterans for peace support u.s. war resisters in canada: film screening tonight

Tonight, along with several friends from the War Resisters Support Campaign, I'll be driving to Buffalo to attend an event organized by our friends in Western New York State. Buffalo Veterans for Peace - most notably peace activists Bruce Beyer and Russell Brown - have organized a screening of "War Resisters Speak Out".

Since the event is in the US, no war resisters in Canada can attend, but their words will attend through this excellent film. "War Resisters Speak Out" documents a 2008 event in which then-CBC radio host Andy Barrie, who came to Canada as a deserter from the Vietnam War, moderated a town hall meeting featuring a dozen Iraq War resisters. It was a great event, and the film is very powerful.

Campaign leader Michelle Robidoux and Campaigner Charlie Diamond, who is also a Vietnam War resister, will be speaking, and these crazy Buffalo folks have asked me to speak, too. Allan can't make it, so if he starts writing wmtc, you'll know I've been disappeared at the border.

Only kidding.

I think.

More info about the Buffalo event here (scroll down). If you live anywhere near Buffalo, please join us.


Stephanie said...

Maybe you should bring your swearing in notification so you can show them that they will soon be rid of you!! :P

Soldier Say No! said...

It is true that no war resisters who are seeking sanctuary in Canada will be able to attend the event in Buffalo, New York. But thousands of AWOL GIs remain in the U.S. You never know who you might run into. Have a great event!