take a canadian citizenship test here

This morning I took a sample citizenship test through the Toronto Public Library. I scored 56 out of 61.

Do you want to take one? I think all the Canadians here will pass easily.

There is a section specific to your region or province, so questions will vary. Here are sample test questions from:

  • a library in Richmond (BC-centric),

  • some random site,

  • the CBC, and

  • the Toronto Public Library (Ontario-centric).

    Let us know how you do!

    hhw said...

    without cracking a book, I got 43/61 on the Toronto PL test. Not surprised to see I need to study Canadian history and government organization.

    L-girl said...

    The government organization is a lot easier to understand once you're here. You'll just absorb it through daily life and news.

    It's funny, no matter how much I tried to read to understand the Parliamentary system, I didn't really get it until I started seeing for myself.

    johngoldfine said...

    I did the Toronto PL and got 45/61 right. That's bad for someone who never does badly on tests like this, but, really, considering that there were no questions about poutine, which is my only real area of Canadian expertise, it could have been worse.

    L-girl said...

    Interesting that JohnGF and hhw, both from the US, got similar scores. hhw wants to come to Canada, John lives right nearby.

    I wonder if that's what I would have scored 5 years ago.

    johngoldfine said...

    Once I've studied the booklet and found out more about war and less about social justice, I'm sure I'll ace it.

    Mike said...

    CBC 15 out of 20 on the CBC quiz, ouch, I actually liked studying history too. Well my laptop did change some of my answers when I moved the cursour with the touch pad though. I guess it's still a pass but I should have gotten more right.

    Snallygaster said...

    Despite being Canadian (living abroad since 2003) I still got 5 wrong on the Toronto PL quiz. In my partial defense, 2 of my wrong answers would have been correct before 2007. Make sure your textbooks are up to date! Disappointed that Canada now has a fixed election schedule; despite its benefits I think it has a negative effect on political culture.
    I think you're right that most of this material is stuff that even the most aloof Canadians can't help unconsciously absorbing... but actually *learning* it on your own is nontrivial.

    Nikolas said...

    90%! Woo Hoo! 55 out of 61 on the TPL Test

    Kim_in_TO said...

    Thanks for posting these links! As a born-and-raised Canadian (Torontonian), I've been curious about how I might do, as I've been reading your and other people's references to this test. I got 58/61 on the Ontario-centric test but it might have been a couple of questions lower because I picked up some hints as I tried the BC test first.

    Amusingly, I got 17/20 on the BC test, but I completely guessed at the names of politicians in office and got them all right.

    redsock said...

    I'm late to the party, but I just took the Toronto one:

    56 of 61!

    L-girl said...

    Yay, that's great! Especially since you are a bit concerned about the test.