quebec stands up for women, smacks down harper

Merci, Quebec! The Quebec National Assembly has unanimously passed this motion, with a vote of 109-0.
That [Quebec's] National Assembly reaffirms the right of women to free choice and to free and accessible abortion services, and asks the federal government and the prime minister of Canada to put an end to the current ambiguity on this issue, and that the National Assembly reaffirms that the fact of supporting women's right to an abortion should not in any case be used by the federal government to cut funding to a women's group.

Good wrap-up from Canadian Press, via The Tyee.


Annie... said...

Good on them Harper will never do what thy ask, and he is not going to budge with his evangelistic backgroud

L-girl said...

It's important symbolism, and it adds fuel to the growing outcry about this government's anti-choice agenda.

Anonymous said...

Actually the vote count was
109 - 0. Someone must have reversed the digits.

The Quebec National Assembly has 130 seats. Obviously there were 21 persons absent but the unanimity speaks volumes--even at 109 - 0!

Scott M. said...

Yay for my newly adopted province!

L-girl said...

Thanks, Torontonian. Fixed in the post now.

Yes, yay and yay.