marxism 2010: a planet to save, a world to win

Today, I am very pleased to be attending Marxism 2010: A Planet to Save, A World to Win.

The Marxism conference is an annual Toronto event organized by the International Socialists. Many of the principal organizers are friends or acquaintances of mine from the peace and activist communities. I usually can't go because of my work schedule, but this year I'm going today, Friday, as well as Saturday night. I'm excited! And I will report.


Stephanie said...

Have a great weekend.

Our very good friend Rick T will be there too. He is a good friend of Alex L. It is just within the realm of possible that you might cross paths.

So if you *should* (I might be projecting here) cross paths say hello.

Some Person said...

Even though the conference is "Marxism 2010", I still have visions of all of you in late Victorian garb attending some brick courthouse-like structure with an "International Socialist Working-men's Conference" banner strung up above the entrance. So many in my circles have shied away from the word "Marxism" or "Marxist" as a self-descriptor that it has the connotations of being very dated in my mind. Still, there are self-proclaimed Marxist literary societies and seminars still going on, and this is yet another reminder that it still has relevance.

L-girl said...

@Stephanie, I know Rick from Facebook. I probably saw him yesterday and didn't know it.

I did meet some folks who I've long known and worked with by email, like Valerie L from Victoria and the great Dylan Penner from Ottawa. It was *very* cool to meet them - and also to see how they were happy to meet me. :)

@Some Person, not sure where you get that connotation, but there's nothing dated - and nothing literary - going on here. It is all very action-oriented, and very very topical, although often putting our present challenges in a historical context, so we can learn how to better fight back.

You can see the program here.

I also re-did the post to include this link. Yesterday the conference website crashed (!) so I wasn't able to link to it.

Some Person said...

My post was more of a reflection of my own idiosyncrasies than a commentary on anything you were doing. Growing up, Marxism was always an academic matter; something that brought up imagery of general strikes c. 1880, the Paris Commune, and early labor radicalism - events that happened long, long ago. It was a theoretical informer for Engles, Gramsci, Adorno, Horkheimer, and the like, and then had very unfashionable connotations thanks to the work of the interpretivists, neo-Weberians, and post-structuralists, who very much set the agenda as I came of age.

For me, Marxism was always something to be studied, written about, critiqued, and held as an abstraction. It wasn't something someone actually did, per se. I consciously know that's false, but when it comes to the geist of my life-world, that's what Marxism means to me. That's why it might seem off or strange to those who actually *do* Marxism.

L-girl said...

SP, that is very interesting. I know only a smattering of Marxist theory - and very little of any other theory! But when I engage with socialist values in action, I know this is my vision of the world as it should be.

I have a more difficult time with the "world as it can be" than many of the other IS members. But that's ok.

IS is an incredible group - compassionate, democratic, egalitarian, and action-oriented. More soon. :)