jason kenney's cic prevents woman from visiting her mother's grave in canada

First the Canadian government prevented a Chinese woman from attending her mother's funeral. Then it twice denied her a visit to the graveside.

Lai Ai Yu was an elderly Canadian citizen, born in China, who lived in Vancouver. In 2003, Yu was struck by a truck driven by an unlicensed driver; she was dragged down the street and died from her injuries.

In China, Yu's daughter, Xiu Lan Huang, requested an urgent visa from the Canadian immigration office, so she could come to Canada to bury her mother. Libby Davies, the MP in Yu's s riding, offered a personal guarantee that Huang would return to China after the funeral.

The visa was denied.

Huang has since tried two more times to come to Canada to visit her mother's grave. Also denied.

CIC Minister Jason Kenney says: ""Our government does not believe visa decisions should be politicized." If not politicized, than privatized. Canada has outsourced much of its foreign visa processing to a private company.

How would it hurt Canada if a 58-year-old Chinese woman entered the country to say goodbye to her mother? Huang has a husband and grandson in China, and no ability to work in Canada - much incentive to return and little to stay. What's more, a Member of Parliament is offering to make sure Huang does go back.

Just another example of the CIC's utter lack of humanity and compassion.

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Mike said...

Humanity, compassion? From the CIC under the Harperites? It is to laugh.

CK said...

Mike, I'm with you on that: Humanity, compassion in the same sentence as Harpercon is an oxy-moron indeedy.

It's just like that poor pregnant woman from Guinea in Montreal, I mean, she's pregant; odds are her marriage was consommated. And they thought the marriage was a sham, simply because he went to Alberta alone to look for work, to support his family, as he was unemployed. She was lucky though: she got an 11th hour reprieve and can stay at the very least, until her baby is born.

And to think, they let the likes of Ann "Canada is lucky we allow them to share the continent with us" Coulter in the country, with open arms...