pupdate, special cody day edition

Today is the most special Cody Day of all, the one I thought I we wouldn't see. Eleven years ago today, we brought our quirky, lovable girl home from Jackson Heights, Queens. Cody is now older than any of her canine predecessors in the Kaminker-Wood family.

She is definitely declining. Her hips are deteriorating, and there are some indications that her medications may have stopped agreeing with her. That is what happened to our first dog, the amazing Gypsy: she couldn't live comfortably (couldn't walk) without the medication, but her system couldn't tolerate it anymore. Of course that was a long time ago; there are more medication options now. But we're already on the third one. Cody's panic attacks and anxiety have also gotten worse, now triggered by any change of weather.

That's the bad news. The good news is Cody is still clearly enjoying her life. She goes on short walks, has a good appetite, even plays with Tala a little in the backyard. At the dog park, she surprises everyone with sudden bursts of energy, sprinting around like a dog half her age.

Cody insists on pulling herself upstairs to sleep in the bedroom - and when we're not home, she still sleeps on the bed! People have suggested we put up a baby-gate to keep her on the first floor, but we're very resistant to that. I don't want her to feel punished or cut off from her family at the end of her life. If she really can't walk the stairs, she won't.

Tala dotes on Cody, doing whatever it takes to get her attention, including annoying the hell out of her. When Cody was in Guelph for her surgery, Tala didn't eat the whole time; she stayed in her crate with her head down. A preview of things to come.

But not today.

cody dirt 001

backyard snow feb 07 08 033

cody raking leaves 008
Our first place in Port Credit

cody raking leaves 014
She looks so young!

cody upstate
And even younger! A few months after we adopted her.

This morning.


Scott M. said...

Yay for Cody day! Yay for Cody!

When the time comes, please know that you have the support of all of us.

Amy said...

Laura, how old do you think she really is? Was she full grown when you got her eleven years ago?

Amy said...

Happy Cody Day! It is so hard to watch our pets age. Enjoy all the good parts!

L-girl said...

Aw, thank you, Scott. I do know, and it means a lot. A lot lot.

L-girl said...

Thank you, Amy. :)

We think she is almost 13. That is very old for a rescue and former stray, who tend to have shorter life spans.

redsock said...

When the time comes,

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about ... not a clue ....

johngoldfine said...

Today's photo: a grizzled but still-noble visage.

David Cho said...

Yeay Cody! So in agreement with your decision to let her up walk the stairs. Leave it up to her to decide when not to do it.

L-girl said...

Thank you, David, I'm glad to hear that.

Apartment life with an elevator was easier in that respect. But then she didn't have her backyard to lounge around or play in. A very good tradeoff.

Northern Girl said...

Yay, no pink neck anymore!

She looks great - glad to see she's doing so well.

Happy Cody Day!