new arrival at jungle cat world

When we went to Jungle Cat World, one of the tigers was pregnant. She gave birth a few weeks ago, and J was allowed to see the cub before the general public. Later this month, when the little boy is six weeks old and fully vaccinated, we're all going up again for another fix of tiger kitten.


Amy said...

OMG, so sweet! (I am a major cat person, as you know. Anything feline has a place in my heart!)

L-girl said...

I know what you mean, Amy, as I'm the same way with anything canine. I am mad for wild canines.

But cat vs dog aside, these big cats are so amazing. So beautiful and powerful. And baby animals of almost any species are completely irresistible!

Supposedly all mammals are hard-wired to find all baby mammals cute and sweet - a built-in orphanage of sorts, if needed. Beautiful bit of nature there.

I love your new avatar!

Amy said...

I love canines as well, though having had cats long before we had a dog (we got our first cat before I was two; I had to beg to get a dog for years, and I was seven when we finally did), I think I am more imprinted to respond to cats than dogs on some visceral, subconscious level!

But fortunately, my canine and felines adore each other, so I can have both and be a truly happy person, as my avatar indicates. :)

impudent strumpet said...


You're a kitty, yes you are!