in which i am one-quarter done with grad school

WHOO-BLEEPING-HOO! I am done until September!!!

If you were on St. George Street in Toronto today, you might have seen someone doing a happy dance in front of a chips truck. That would be me.

From now until September, I plan to: read, blog, work on the war resisters campaign, watch baseball, swim more, re-organize closets, sell things on Craigslist, read, blog, watch baseball, work on the campaign, read, blog... and so on.

I do need to earn more income, so I'll be keeping an eye out for opportunities, but the other eye is hoping I don't find any.

Four courses down, twelve to go.


James said...

Congrats! Looking forward to next year's courses yet?

L-girl said...

Thank you! And: no! :)

I'll have all required courses for several semesters to come. Not looking forward to that. But I AM looking forward to 5 months of relative freedom.

We went to a dogpark on Good Friday, a spur of the moment thing when I needed a break from writing my paper. Saw a lovely mini Aussie there, and a a full size Aussie in some weird colours. Probably people you know...

M@ said...

Congrats! Woo hoo! Well done!

geek guy said...